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Account balance report

The Account balance report is a downloadable report that allows you to view the operations that affected the money in your account, that is, the movements that affected the balance of your money in Mercado Pago.

It contains, for example, the detail of your payments, money receipts, chargebacks and reimbursements in a period of time with its gross and net breakdown. It is made up of available and unavailable money. That is to say, the money you have released to withdraw and the money to be released according to your chosen rates and terms .

Download report

Follow this path to learn how to generate and download the All transactions report: Sales and billing > Sales and account statement reports > All transactions > Generate report.

Report values

Money movements are automatically impacted in the report when the operation is approved. Pending or rejected operations will not be.

Using the report

The report is an essential tool for both reconciliation and analysis of your financial history. This report is used to reconcile approved money movements and includes the transactions that comprise it. At the same time, you can use it to see the status of your account. In addition, you can use the report to view the history of your account balance between two dates and see the detail of the events that affect it, such as disputes, chargebacks, reimbursements, shipments, among others.

Have the Glossary of the Account balance report on hand to review it when needed or want to review a technical term.