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Checkout Bricks

Checkout Bricks is a set of UI modules that come front-end ready and optimized for better usability and conversion. Each Brick can be used independently or together, forming the experience of a complete checkout.
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It offers a transparent payment experience with the possibility of customization according to each store, it is secure since the payment information is processed through Mercado Pago and it has a simpler integration process, minimizing production and development times.
      Availability by country


      Know all Checkout Bricks modules and their availability.
      Payment Brick
      Offer different payment methods that your customers can choose, with the ability to save card details for future purchases. Test the Brick demonstration before integrating it.
      Wallet Brick
      Link Mercado Pago Wallet and allow logged payments. Test the Brick demonstration before integrating it.
      Card Payment Brick
      Offer credit and debit card payments. Test the Brick demonstration before integrating it.
      Status Screen Brick
      Inform your customers of the results of the purchase process, after making the payment. Test the Brick demonstration before integrating it.
      Review & Confirm
      Shows a summary of the entire purchase process, with the most relevant information, so that your customers can review before confirming the purchase.
      Brand Brick


      Communicate different messages related to the available payment methods via Mercado Pago in your store.
      User Info Brick


      Collect the data of your clients and infer those that will be needed in the purchase process.
      Shipping Brick


      Collect shipping data from your customers and display the available delivery options and their benefits.
      Accepted payment types
      Mercado Pago

      Card Payment Brick

      Payment Brick

      Status Screen Brick

      Wallet Brick

      For details of accepted payment methods in each country, check the full list with payment methods availability.