Prerequisites - Mercado Pago Point - Mercado Pago Developers
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To offer payments with Point, it is important to meet the requirements shown below.

Mercado Pago Point DeviceTo offer in-person payments using Point, it is necessary to purchase the machine. If you haven't already, click here to buy.
Mercado Pago appIn conjunction with the machine, it is necessary to have the Mercado Pago app to manage the charges. For Android devices, click here and download. For iOS devices, click here and download.
CredentialsCredentials are unique keys that we provide for you to configure your integrations. You will need a pair of test credentials to test the integration and a pair of production credentials to receive actual payments. See Credentials for more information.
ApplicationApplications are the different integrations contained in one or more stores. You can create an application for each solution you implement, in order to have everything organized and maintain control that makes management easier. See Dashboard for more information on creating an application.
For Point mini and Point blue machines, the app is required to perform and manage charges. For POS and SmartPOS, the app is only needed to login with QR Code.

The POS API integrated mode is only available to be operated by a store operator. If it is implemented in self-service mode, it will be in full responsibility of the store since the devices are not enabled to be used in this type of business model.

If all requirements have been met, follow the steps below to perform the integration with Point.