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Some terms are new and you may not be familiar with them. Use this glossary so you don't get lost:

Access tokenPrivate key with which you can generate charges. You must use it to identify yourself in your integrations. It is very important that this data is protected in your servers and is not accessible by any user or attacker.
IntegratorPerson or entity that wishes to process a payment through our API.
Payment intentContains the transaction details.
PoiDevice serial. You can see it on the back of your device (SN, NS).
Poi TypeDevice type.
POSPoint of Sale.
Self serviceIt is the model where the client can make use of the devices in an autonomous and self-managed way. Please note that this use of the devices is discouraged and, if implemented, will be the total responsibility of the business.
WebhookThis is a notification that is sent from our server to the integrator through an HTTP POST call in relation to your transactions.

Possible statuses of an intent

StatusDescriptionPayment intentRefund intent
OpenInitial status of an intent when creating it from the POS.
On TerminalIntermediate status of an intent when obtaining it from the Point device.
ProcessingIntermediate status of an intent at the time of reconciliation with a financial institution.
ProcessedIntermediate status of a payment intent at the time of finalizing the reconciliation with a financial institution.-
FinishedFinal status of an intent when the transaction ends.
Confirmation_requiredFinal status of a payment intent when it ends without obtaining a payment status. Once obtained, this status will not change. When you receive this, you must confirm on your device what the payment status is, using the payment_id received in the response, before delivering your product or service.-
CanceledFinal status of an intent when it is canceled.
ErrorFinal status of an intent when a transaction error occurs.
AbandonedFinal status of an intent when hasn’t been processed after a certain time.