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Test cards

You can use test cards of local payment methods and simulate different payment responses, without the need to use a real card.

For this, depending on your country, use one of the credit or debit cards we provide below.

Credit cards

CardNumberSecurity codeExpiration date
Mastercard5474 9254 3267 036612311/25
Visa4075 5957 1648 376412311/25

Debit cards

CardNumberSecurity codeExpiration date
Mastercard5579 0534 6148 264712311/25
Visa4189 1412 2126 763312311/25

To test different payment results, fill in the desired status in the cardholder's name (field card_holder_name):

Payment StatusDescription
APROApproved payment
OTHEDeclined for general error
CONTPending payment
CALLDeclined with validation to authorize
FUNDDeclined for insufficient amount
SECUDeclined for invalid security code
EXPIDeclined due to due date issue
FORMDeclined due to form error
CARDRejected for missing card_number
INSTRejected for invalid installments
DUPLRejected for duplicate payment
LOCKRejected for disabled card
CTNARejected for non-permitted card type
ATTERejected due to exceeded PIN attempts
BLACRejected for being on the blacklist
UNSUNot supported
TESTUsed to apply amount rules