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Subscriptions with authorized payment

Subscriptions with authorized payment allow an installment to be generated and billed based on a defined recurrence, causing the subscription engine to automatically schedule and create payments based on the payment method defined at the time of the subscription creation.

To offer subscriptions without an associated plan and with authorized payment, send a POST with the necessary attributes to the /preapproval endpoint and pay attention to the status parameter, which must be filled in with the value authorized. If you prefer, use the curl below.

curl -X POST \
       -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       -H 'Authorization: Bearer TEST-2151****' \ 
       -H 'X-scope: stage' \
       --data-raw '{
            "back_url": "https://www.google.com",
            "reason": "Test Subscription",
            "auto_recurring": {
                "frequency": 1,
                "frequency_type": "months",
                "start_date": "2020-06-02T13:07:14.260Z",
                "end_date": "2022-07-20T15:59:52.581Z",
                "transaction_amount": 10,
                "currency_id": "ARS"
            "payer_email": "test_user+1020927396@testuser.com",
            "card_token_id": "{{CARD_TOKEN}}",
            "status": "authorized"

We make a payment with a minimum amount to prove the card's validity. If it is successful, we will proceed with returning that payment. The value may differ according to each country.

Collection reattempt logic

By automating the recurrence of your collections, authorized payments that will have a debit date configured based on the periodicity that was defined in the subscription are created. The first installment is charged after approximately one hour since the subscription.

Payment statuses

At the time the installment is collected, two alternatives may arise based on the outcome of the payment:

  • Payment is successfully made so, the installment will remain as processed and will not be reattempted.

  • Payment is declined so the installment will always remain in recycling status, as long as the installment has not expired or has not reached the maximum number of reattempts. Otherwise, it will be processed with the processed status.

Declined payments

When an installment remains in recycling status, it enters a reattempt scheme with a maximum of 4 possibilities, when the installment is collected again. The result can be any of the two points mentioned above.

If the payment is declined, it is updated to a new collection date by adding 1 of the 4 possibilities within ten days as a reattempt time window to the last available date.

By default, the reattempt is within a 10-day window. In case the installment has an expiration date, the time window is adjusted to that date and maintains the logic of 4 reattempts.

In the case that the installment cannot be collected on the fourth reattempt, it will automatically remain in processed status, associated with a declined payment.

After 3 installments with rejected payments, the subscription is automatically canceled and the seller account will be notified of the cancellation of the subscription by e-mail.

The result of one installment does not affect the generation and processing of the remaining installments for the same subscription.