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How to prevent a payment from being charged back?

It is not possible to avoid all chargebacks; however, you can reduce the probability of having a payment charged back by following these recommendations:

  1. Keep all the business data in your account up to date so that your buyers can recognize you.

  2. Add the Mercado Pago security script to your page and replace the view value with the name of the section (e.g., home, search, item)


<script src="" view="home"></script>
If you don't have a value available for the section, you can leave it empty!
  1. Be sure to add all payment and customer details as name, address, and payment method in the Create payment request.

  2. Send the payment voucher to your customer via e-mail or text message.

Fraud Alert

We'll let you know via IPN or Webhook notifications any time we notice irregular activity or there's a fraud alert on your account. In this situation, you must cancel the purchase and return the money to the buyer to avoid a dispute.

Configure and enable IPN or Webhook notifications on your dashboard to receive alerts for irregular behavior by enabling Fraud Alert (delivery_cancellation).

When charging with Point , review the buyer's details and always request an ID.