Payment Methods For Your Buyers

We connect you with all the local payment methods that are most known by your buyers. You can say goodbye to trade agreements - here you have everything taken care of.

The buyer may choose the preferred payment method, and the money will be credited to your Mercado Pago account. It's that simple.

Credit Card up to 18 Installments

The buyer enters the credit card information to pay, and that is all. You will receive the total payment amount at once, even if the buyer choose to pay with installments.

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express


  Instant approval.

Debit or Prepaid Cards

The buyer enters the debit or reloadable prepaid card information, and that is all.

They may pay with any debit card issued by one of the following banks:

  • BBVA Bancomer
  • Banamex
  • Santander
  • Banorte
  • Ixe

Or use the Prepaid Mercado Pago Card.

 Instant approval.

 No additional costs.

Cash with Wire Transfer or Bank Deposit

At the moment of payment we will give the buyer all the necessary information so that they can transfer or deposit the amount in our bank accounts at Bancomer, Banamex or Santander.

  Approval within less than 1 hour!

If the buyer makes the payment during the weekend or holiday, it will be credited within the next business day.

  No additional costs.

Where can the buyer pay?

At any bank branch in the country.

And they may also:

  • Make a Bancomer payment deposits at 7-Eleven stores.

  • Make a Banamex payment deposits at Telecomm-Telégrafosstores.

Cash with an Oxxo Cupon

When the buyer choose this payment method at the moment of the payment they will receive a cupon and they will have to pay it at any Oxxo store in the country.

  • Oxxo

  Approval within 1 or 2 business days.

  No additional costs.

With Mercado Pago Account Money

Everyone can deposit money in their Mercado Pago account with one of the cash payment methods and use it whenever they want.

  Instant approval.

  No additional costs.

Keep the Minimum and Maximum Amounts at Hand

Each payment method has a limit on the amount that we can process.

If a buyer exceeds it or does not reach it, we will inform them so they can complete the payment.

In case someone asks you, you may share the minimum and maximum amounts to help them.