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How to integrate QR attended model

To charge with a QR attended model, you’ll have to create and order and then associate it with a Point of Sale.

Create an order


    "external_reference": "Bill-0001",
    "notification_url": "",
    "items" :[{
               "title" : Ergonomic Wooden Shoes,
               "currency_id" : MXN,
               "unit_price" : 120.00,
             "quantity" : 1,
           "description": "Mercado Pago Item",
           "picture_url": ""
               "title" : Ergonomic Wooden Shoes,
               "currency_id" : MXN,
               "unit_price" : 100.00,
               "quantity" : 2
    "sponsor_id": 446566691

Obtain more information in our API Reference.


Remember that if you haven’t previously provided your business name or logo in your Mercado Pago account, the order title and image showcased to your client in the app will be taken from the first item uploaded.

Order validity

By default, QR orders expires 10 minutes after being created or automatically if it’s closed.

If you require a different expiration time, you can send the header X-Ttl-Store-Preference with the time you need expressed in seconds. I.e., if you want 5 minutes as the available time, you’ll have to send the header X-Ttl-Store-Preference: 300.

Eliminate an order

To delete a QR associated order before it’s closed or expires, you can use this following method:



Answer will be HTTP 204 No Content.

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