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What's Mercado Pago Checkout?

Mercado Pago Checkout is an integration that allows you to charge your customers through our web form from any device in a simple, fast and secure way.


Mercado Pago Checkout offers:

  • The most popular payment methods in the country.

  • A shopping experience on your site that's accessible across devices.

  • One-click purchases. When paying with a Mercado Pago account, user information and cards can be saved, allowing payments that only requires a security code or money in your account.

  • Guest purchases. Having a Mercado Pago account is not required to make a payment.

Mercado Pago Checkout vs. other Mercado Pago tools

Mercado Pago Checkout Web Tokenize Checkout API
Integration difficulty Low Medium High
UI/UX Design
Conversion optimization
Approval optimization
Guest Payments
Registered users payments
Fraud prevention
Order completed page

This article is about the last version of Mercado Pago Checkout. For the previous version, please consult the old Mercado Pago Checkout section.

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