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Create payment

You can create and add payment information using the SDK below. For details on request parameters, check the Create payment API.

When executing the APIs mentioned in this documentation, you may come across the attribute X-Idempotency-Key. Filling it out is important to ensure the execution and reexecution of requests without undesirable situations, such as duplicate payments, for example.
import mercadopago
sdk = mercadopago.SDK("ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN")

request_options = mercadopago.config.RequestOptions()
request_options.custom_headers = {
    'x-idempotency-key': '<SOME_UNIQUE_VALUE>'

payment_data = {
    "transaction_amount": 100,
    "token": 'ff8080814c11e237014c1ff593b57b4d',
    "installments": 1,
    "payer": {
        "type": "customer",
        "id": "123456789-jxOV430go9fx2e"

payment_response = sdk.payment().create(payment_data, request_options)
payment = payment_response["response"]