Get an official Mercado Pago Certificate

Prove your skills in integrating Mercado Pago checkouts and have access to exclusive benefits.
Partners Program Mercado Pago to developers
What is the <dev>program?

The <dev>program is the Mercado Pago program for developers that integrate our checkout solutions.

To be part of it, you just need to take the exam for one of our certifications. After being approved, you will have access to exclusive benefits.

And here is the best part: it is 100% free and you can't try how many times you want.

Benefits of being part of the program

Stand out in the development market

Become a Mercado Pago certified professional and prove your skills in integrating our products.

Receive technical support from other professionals

Join a community formed by our technical team and certified professionals and solve your doubts about integrations.

Earn money for the integrations you make

Use the Integrator ID in the integrations you make and earn money according to your customer's performance.

Find out about our updates first

Receive invitations to exclusive events and content for development professionals before anyone else.

Mercado Pago Checkout Pro

Show your expertise in our online payment tool to integrate several payment methods.

Get certified


Become an expert in integrating the Mercado Pago plugin into WooCommerce stores.

Knowledge on WordpressBasic knowledge on server configurationGitHub
Get certified

Adobe Commerce

Show your ability to integrate Mercado Pago checkouts with stores created on Adobe Commerce

HTMLJavaScriptPHPBasic knowledge on server configurationAPI RESTGitHub
Get certified
How to get your certification

Check the certification prerequisites

Each certification has a set of materials to help you obtain the certification.

Take your exam online as instructed

Make your test integration and submit the payment_id generated on the test payment through the form.

Receive your certification and Integrator ID

It identifies you as a Mercado Pago partner and grants you access to the program benefits.
Any questions? Check our frequently asked questions
What is the <dev>program?
It is a free and exclusive program for developers, and it was created so you can be part of our community and have access to additional benefits.
How can I join the program?
In order to join the program, you must pass at least one of our official certifications exams. It is not mandatory to have all the certifications.
Do I have to pay any fees to join the program?
No, the program is totally free, the only requirement is that you pass at least one of our official certifications exams.
If I already have integrations done, do I need to get the certification?
Yes, the certification is necessary so you can get your Integrator ID and add it to all your integrations.
How do I check my certification in <dev>program?
After passing the certification test chosen, your certificate and badge will be available in the Your certificates section of the dashboard. You will be able to download and share them on social networks.